2016 was a year of important progress for ArcelorMittal.

Action 2020

Action 2020 is ArcelorMittal's commitment to structurally improving profitability and cash flow generation.


Good corporate governance is about compliance, continuous stakeholder dialogue and being a good corporate citizen.

Fact book

Details of our steel and mining operations, financials, production facilities and shareholder information.

Our business

Our value creation model

Below our value creation model shows the critical resources we rely on in order to produce steel, and create value for our stakeholders. It highlights the importance of our workforce, of natural resources and our capacity to innovate, for example, in producing 90 million tonnes of steel each year, and at the same time creating different forms of value for society. These forms of value are of course intimately related. As we develop more integrated thinking within the company, we will be better able to demonstrate how these forms of value relate to each other. This is the rationale behind integrated reporting.

The model is interactive – click to discover more about how we are ‘creating value for society’, and to link with relevant parts of this Annual Review.