2016 was a year of important progress for ArcelorMittal.

Action 2020

Action 2020 is ArcelorMittal's commitment to structurally improving profitability and cash flow generation.


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Fact book

Details of our steel and mining operations, financials, production facilities and shareholder information.

Capital expenditure

Segment annually and quarterly (2015 and 2016)

(US$ millions) 2015 2016 1Q 15 2Q 15 3Q 15 4Q 15 1Q 16 2Q 16 3Q 16 4Q 16
NAFTA 392 445 90 97 85 120 106 103 98 138
Brazil 422 237 143 86 98 95 64 48 44 81
Europe 1,045 951 250 182 293 320 275 192 171 313
ACIS 365 397 93 86 105 81 63 101 105 128
Mining 476 392 173 90 101 112 71 71 113 137
Group 2,707 2,444 745 542 684 736 586 521 535 802

Note: Others and eliminations line are not presented in the table

Capital expenditure 2016 by segment

X-axis Value Color code
NAFTA 18% #5C7F92
Brazil 10% #8B819E
Europe 39% #AA9E6E
ACIS 16% #70A489
Mining 16% #BAC48C
(US$ millions) 2016 %
NAFTA 445 18
Brazil 237 10
Europe 951 39
ACIS 397 16
Mining 392 16
Group 2,444 100

Capital expenditure projects

The following tables summarise the company’s principal growth and optimisation projects involving significant capital expenditure completed in 2016 and those that are currently ongoing.

Projects completed in 2016

Region Site Project Capacity/particulars Actual completion Note #
NAFTA Indiana Harbour Indiana Harbor “footprint optimization project” New caster at No.3 Steelshop installed Q4 2016 1
NAFTA AM/NS Calvert Phase 1: Slab yard expansion – Expansion of Bay 4 and minor installations for Bay 5 Increase coil production level up to 4.6Mt/year coils Q1 2016  
Brazil Acindar (Argentina) New rolling mill Increase in rolling capacity by 0.4Mt/year for bars for civil construction Q1 2016  

Ongoing projects

Region Site Project Capacity/particulars Forecast completion Note #
NAFTA Indiana Harbor Indiana Harbor “footprint optimization project” Restoration of 80” HSM and upgrades at Indiana Harbor finishing and logistics 2018 1
NAFTA AM/NS Calvert Phase 2: Slab yard expansion (Bay 5) Increase coil production level from 4.6Mt/year to 5.3Mt/year coils 2017  
NAFTA ArcelorMittal Dofasco (Canada) Phase 2: Convert the current galvanizing line #4 to a Galvalume line Allow the galvaline #4 to produce 160kt galvalume and 128kt galvanize and closure of galvanize line #1 (capacity 170kt of galvalume) Q2 2017  
Europe ArcelorMittal Krakow (Poland) HRM Expansion Increase HRC capacity by 0.9Mt/year Q1 2017 2
Europe ArcelorMittal Krakow (Poland) HDG increase Increase HDG capacity by 0.4Mt/year Q1 2017  
Europe Gent & Liège (Europe Flat Automotive UHSS Program) Gent: Upgrade HSM and new furnace
Liège: Annealing line transformation
Increase ~400kt in Ultra High Strength Steel capabilities 2017  
Brazil ArcelorMittal Vega Do Sul (Brazil) Expansion project Increase hot dipped galvanizing (HDG) capacity by 0.6mt/year and cold rolling (CR) capacity by 0.7mt/year On hold  
Brazil Juiz de Fora (Brazil) Meltshop expansion Increase in meltshop capacity by 0.2mt/year On hold  
Brazil Monlevade (Brazil) Sinter plant, blast furnace and meltshop Increase in liquid steel capacity by 1.2mt/year; sinter feed capacity of 2.3mt/year On hold 3
Mining Liberia Phase 2 expansion project Increase production capacity to 15mt/year (high grade sinter feed) Under review 4

1 In support of the Company’s Action 2020 program that was launched at its fourth quarter and full-year 2015 earnings announcement, the footprint optimization project at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor is now underway, which has resulted in structural changes required to improve asset and cost optimization. The plan involves idling redundant operations including the #1 aluminize line, 84” hot strip mill (HSM), and #5 continuous galvanizing line (CGL) and No.2 steel shop (expected to be idled in 2017) whilst making further planned investments totalling ~US$200 million including a new caster at No.3 steelshop (completed in 4Q 2016), restoration of the 80” hot strip mill and Indiana Harbor finishing and logistics. The project is expected to be completed in 2018.

2 On July 7, 2015, ArcelorMittal Poland announced it was restarting preparations for the relining of blast furnace No. 5 in Krakow, which has now been completed during 3Q 2016.
Total investments in the primary operations in the Krakow plant will amount to PLN 200 million (more than €40 million), which also includes modernization of the basic oxygen furnace No. 3. Additional projects in the downstream operations will also be implemented. These include the extension of the hot rolling mill capacity by 0.9 million tons per annum and increasing the hot dip galvanizing capacity by 0.4 million tons per annum. The capex value of those two projects exceeds PLN 300 million (€90 million) in total. In total, the Group will invest more than PLN 500 million (more than €130 million) in its operations in Krakow, including both upstream and downstream installations.

3 Though the Monlevade wire rod expansion project and Juiz de Fora rebar expansion were completed in 2015, and Juiz de Fora meltshop is expected to be completed in 2017, the Company does not expect to increase shipments until domestic demand improves.

4 ArcelorMittal Liberia is considering moving ore extraction from its depleting DSO (direct shipping ore) deposit at Tokadeh to the nearby, low strip ratio and higher grade DSO Gangra deposit by 3Q 2017. Following a period of exploration cessation caused by the onset of Ebola, ArcelorMittal Liberia recommenced drilling for DSO resource extensions in late 2015. During 2016 the operation at Tokadeh was right sized to 3Mtpa to focus on its ‘natural’ Atlantic markets. The nearby Gangra deposit is now the preferred next development in a staged approach as opposed to the originally planned phase 2 step up to 15Mtpa of concentrated sinter fine ore that was delayed in August 2014 due to the declaration of force majeure by contractors following the Ebola virus outbreak, and then reassessed following rapid iron ore price declines over the period since. Accordingly, the Company is finalising a final feasibility study on Gangra. ArcelorMittal remains committed to Liberia where it operates a full value chain of mine, rail and port and where it has been operating the mine on a DSO basis since 2011. With 2 billion tonnes of iron ore resource in its lease, ArcelorMittal Liberia presents a strong, competitive source of product ore for the international market based on continuing DSO mining and then moving to a long-term sinter feed and concentration phase.