2016 was a year of important progress for ArcelorMittal.

Action 2020

Action 2020 is ArcelorMittal's commitment to structurally improving profitability and cash flow generation.


Good corporate governance is about compliance, continuous stakeholder dialogue and being a good corporate citizen.

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Details of our steel and mining operations, financials, production facilities and shareholder information.

Innovation with sustainability at its heart


new products launched that accelerate sustainable lifestyles.

We want our innovation to explore steel's possibilities with sustainable development in mind. Our new Sustainable Innovation (SI) programme, developed in 2016, will train our researchers to analyse new products in our pipeline for their contribution to sustainable development using our new SI tool. The goal is to create a pipeline of products with proven sustainability benefits.

It's an approach that will help us both to improve what we do now, and to anticipate, develop, and respond to disruptive technologies as they emerge. And it is one that we believe will bring us closer to our customers, who increasingly seek benefits such as energy efficiency, resource efficiency, materials re-use and recyclability.

Pushing the boundaries in automotive

Making stronger steels is one of the key ways we're helping customers achieve sustainability benefits in the automotive industry, since less steel is needed for the same job, enabling the vehicle to be lighter weight and so use less fuel.



of our R&D budget focused on the automotive industry.

We've pushed the boundaries with three successively stronger generations of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS). These steel solutions enable carmakers to build lighter, lower emitting vehicles without compromising performance and safety. Since the 1980s our AHSS solutions have reduced the weight of the basic structure of a vehicle by 25%, while new third-generation steels such as Fortiform® will enable our customers to go even further, saving up to 20% of the weight of components such as bumpers. In 2016 we launched press-hardenable high-strength steels Ductibor® 1000 and Usibor® 2000 and new durable, corrosion-resistant steels MartINsite® M1700 and M2000, which make strong bumpers and door beams.

New S-in motion® solutions for mid-size sedan and SUVs

In 2016, we launched the latest addition to our S-in motion® range, S-in motion® for mid-size sedan and SUV solutions. These solutions help carmakers achieve a 20% to 22% weight reduction in the body structure of the vehicle compared to typical 2015 model SUVs and sedans, thanks to new processes as well as advanced steels. The impact of these innovative solutions could be significant. For example, if all the SUVs and mid-size sedans sold in North America in one year were to adopt our S-in-motion® solutions, they could save some 2.6 million tonnes CO2i over their lifetime on the road. These latest S-in motion® solutions won the annual ‘Best Innovation – Product’ award from American Metal Market, a leading publication for the metals industry, in June 2016.

i Calculation based on 475,000 mid -sedans sold each year in North America, each benefiting from an 84kg weight saving over a lifetime mileage of 200,000 km, leading to a potential total lifetime fleet savings of 746,247 tonnes CO2eq. For SUV, with estimated sales in North America of one million, leading to a total lifetime fleet savings of 1,899,162 tonnes CO2eq.

Innovative steels for US

at our AM/NS Calvert plant in the US

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Light-weighting in Europe

in step with customer demand

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Performance at a glance

Metric Unit 2016 2015
Products launched that contribute to outcome 2 Number 37 17
Research programmes in development that contribute to outcome 2 Number 19 16
New LCA studies completed Number 6 1